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Charity Beyond Borders

Charity Beyond Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing basic20121107Audrey-Forson-Cade-Clark-2-300x198
healthcare services as well as health education to the people of Ghana.

In the Spring of 2005, Lisa Trujillo, Director of Clinical Education at Weber State
University, began teaching a young male student from Ghana.  He knew that his
people would benefit from the knowledge that Lisa was sharing with him. He
invited her, a Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) as well as a Registered
Respiratory Therapist (RRT), to come to Ghana and provide education about
respiratory therapy and health to the people of Ghana. The following year, as she
traveled through Ghana, she knew her life would never be the same.

Along with her family, Lisa took along a few of her students that were able to use
the trip as an independent study project. While they were there, they began
education courses throughout the community, as well as set up basic health
assessment clinics within some of the villages. Ghanaians came from all over the
country, waiting all day to receive a free health assessment. As they waited, the
students taught them about basic health practices.

Since this experience, Lisa has been traveling to Ghana for over a decade. She
established Charity Beyond Borders, which has made it possible for over one
hundred students and clinicians to donate their time and services to the people
of Ghana.